Tonight there is a silence in the air.

A stillness.

A darkness.

A dark hollow suffocating silence.

There’s death everywhere.

A disease takes the life of sons, daughters, mothers and fathers, in a painful, suffocating agony.

Heartless humans, created to love, takes the unborn life. Heart of their heart, blood of their blood, and discards it as trash.

Rampant evil takes over people, causing them to murder their own children, kin, strangers.

Oh my soul is so heavy. I feel like my heart is a million pounds. It hurts to breathe, my breaths are shallow from the pain.

My ears hurt. I cover them to block out the deafening silence.

I feel the death, I feel the pain.

It hurts God.

Heaven and Hell grow bigger everyday

Does no one else feel the silence? Down to their very core right now?

Lord save us! Save your people. Keep us safe.

My heart is breaking for the lost! Lord the darkness they must feel, always…

Lord send comfort. Send aid. Send witnesses! Oh Lord save them! Lord please save them.

My cheeks burn from the tears for these people. Lord ease their suffering.

Lord stop the silence. Bring Life back.

This post was written out of the pain COVID 19 brought to so many

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