Giving Up

Giving up is a very sneaky thing, and easy for the devil to use against us.

See you don’t just wake up one day and officially decide “Today and for the next 3 years, I will stop eating healthy” or stop walking, being thankful, having time for myself, spending time with my family, saving my money, reading books, painting, playing that instrument, reading my Bible, spending time with God, praying, the list is sooo long…..

So we never wake up and just decide to officially quit and give up on things we love and care about, it’s a slow and silent killer, literally.

We could be slowly killing our bodies,

Our emotions(compassion, mercy,ect)

Or even our Spiritual walks with God.

First you forget then you feel bad about it but keep going, then you forget again, but this time it’s justified, but still feel bad. Then after that, you forget it’s Justified, you don’t feel like it anyway and/or you don’t have the time for that thing anymore anyways, you’ll try to make time, when you can and when you feel like it.

After that it’s all just an after thought, until it’s so far to the back of your mind it’s lost it’s power to drive you forward.

Remember why you did the things you did, whatever that thing may be, the thing that you need to do, or that you love to do.

Then start do it again.

When you take the distractions away and yes I do mean the distractions.

The facebook, the video games, the mobile games, the Pinterest, instagram. Whatever your Kryptonite has become, and start making time for things that matter.

Even reading books, art, planting things and playing that instrument matters.

It matters to your soul and peace of mind.

Just as much as walking, running, lifting, yoga, and other physical activities and diet matter to your body.

Every day you have to make a conscious decision to make the most of each day.

To eat right, to clean your house, to do your best at work, to be the best wife or husband, mom or dad. Child of God. To do what’s best for you yourself.

All of those things above will be easier to accomplish and not overwhelming,

if you’re spending that time with God; for your Spirit, being a great spouse; for your marriage, being a great listener and participate; for your kids, being an equal in relationship; for your friends, being a great employee; for favor and blessings from God through your work, working out and eating right; for your confidence and your health.

If you do what you need to do, everything you desperately want, the secret desires of your heart, can be accomplished.

God will always be there, ask for His help.

Asking a friend for help isn’t bad, but if they back out after 2 months, and have different goals, are slower or faster at meeting different goals or aren’t a part of your life anymore, you don’t want people to be a reason to stop moving forward.

Always put God first, others help second.

Ask yourself and make a list of what you have stopped doing, that you love, what have you given up for whatever reasons over the months or years.

Don’t start it will all once but pick one thing and then add on, once it’s easy.

But remember you have to lesson the time given to your distractions.

Scrolling through social media for 1-3 hours throughout the day doesn’t improve anything about you, what you love, your body, your marriage, your walk with God, anything… it just distracts you a until your next absolute necessary task. And that is no way to REALLY live your life.

Everything WILL fall into place, but it won’t be overnight, if it’s taken you a year, 5 years, 10 years or more to get into the state your in, whatever that is with your finances, marriage, the relationship you have with your kids, your body, or your walk with God, whatever it may be.

You will not get good results and the results you want in a week. It may take many months or a year(s).

But your going to have to push through, and recommit.

Slowly giving up, not trying or paying anymore attention to what it is that caused this.

And once (after many months) you are where you want to be, you’ll have to be diligent to stay… where you want to be.

Getting there will feel extremely hard, and staying there will be just as hard, but the results and benefits of that hard work will be worth it.

Make a decision… a real decision to change and commit to yourself again. All of YOU! You are loved by the creator of the universe and He wants to see you happy and living a full life.

S-E-L-E-H ( pause and calmly think about that)


5 thoughts on “Giving Up”

  1. “Ask yourself and make a list of what you have stopped doing, that you love, what have you given up for whatever reasons over the months or years.” Your post as motivated me! I will be making a list and taking action. Your words were moving, inspiring, and full of hope. I need to remember.

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