Don’t destroy a life

A regret is something, you’ll never forget. 

Who was I to deny, Air to fill those tiny lungs

Who was I to deny this life a chance to be used by God

Would her smile have gone viral, encouraging the weak to just GO that extra mile 

Would his laugh have made people quit running from their past, and fall into Gods vast Love

Would she be smart, and have a huge heart helping people get a fresh start 

Would he be the one who talks a hurting soul, whose only goal to remove their name from next years censis

Who was I to deny her the chance to see a sunrise, to see those colors painted across a new sky

Who was I to deny him the chance to see a full moon magnificently turn a black night into a shining grey

I robbed her of  the chance to have Love, to hold a child of her own, to feel that unparalleled Love 

I robbed him of the chance to be a great dad, and be the hero in the eyes of his beholder 

In the Creators arms they will stay, until the day, we meet and I fall down at their precious feet…. and just lay… in silence 

Don’t destroy a life… cause theirs… doesn’t yet… fit into yours….

(I have two precious children. I don’t know what’s it’s like to have made that decision, but if you’re thinking about it.  Please think again)


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