Fear or faith

Fear steals more dreams than failures, fear causes fractions in families that could have stayed framed for future generations
Fear chokes faith that could have made you sail this life like a feather blown gently by the wind

Fear makes you frail, thus losing your freedom, even in your own mind, 

fear is not real, fear is not factual

Fear causes men to stumble and bow down to their feelings, feelings that should not remain active to a man of faith, 

Don’t fret that you feel fear, it’s how you face that fear that can change your future 

Feelings are fickle and fake

Don’t face fear with feelings, face fear with faith

Faith in the One who faced His feelings and fought for you to have a fruitful life

Have faith in the One who said “Fear not, I am with you ” 

Have faith in the One who is forever and has favor for you. 

Face fear with faith and have freedom
-poem by fighterforlife 


8 thoughts on “Fear or faith”

  1. When I let go of my fear and just trust God, it is amazing how things go so much easier. Not necessarily the way I always want and without struggle, but easier. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Fear is one of the biggest tools Satan uses to steal our destiny.
      Fear of failure, acceptance, judgment, responsibility, commitment, lose, not pleasing God, the list is long and all based on emotions. All humans have them. Satan knows how to play those emotions and we can easily fall prey to them if we don’t diligently keep seeking Gods peace and protection. We must stay seated in all that God is through His word and prayer


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