Hello All

Hello readers. Thank you for choosing this blog to read. The thoughts I share may not be favored by all. These thoughts may not make me popular, If these blogs offend, I am not sorry.

I’m a Christian, God-fearing woman, wife, and Mother of three. For now I think that starts us off. ;).

This blog will reflect my thoughts and things I believe the Holy Spirit revealed to me or has just let me know I was on the right track.

Questions & Answers I’ll be sharing are on, are things like…

  • Why is swearing bad? Why do I believe it’s bad? or Why do I think Christians believe it’s bad.
  • Why do people believe so strongly in superheroes?
  • Modesty
  • Abortion and more…

These things will reflect my personal perspectives, along with Websters definitions on keywords and Scriptures to follow on certain subjects.

My ultimate goal is showing my opinion of common things we think of often, or not so often, in a different light.

Not to pressure or persuade the readers to change their opinion. Just show the subject in question from another perspective.

Fight for life, the quality of life starts in the mind.

Look forward to sharing my thoughts.

(S-E-L-A-H) pause and calmly think about that



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